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Home Inspection

Home inspection - The inspector you hire when you buy your home is trained to find things of course, but if they pointed out everything you'd never buy a house. When I inspect a home I am only concerned with my customer. Pointing out the things that they will ignore for the sake of the sale.  

  This service is great for new home owners, newly built homes and those who are not very good with repairs. The full home inspection can teach you what to watch for, and save you from costly repairs. If we find a problem we can give you an estimate.  You can also use other contractors for repairs as this is not a service that requires you to use A Handyman. 

Over the last 8 years I have met many customers who have had to spend thousands of dollars shortly after buying their home because of issues missed buy inspectors   
Cost is $350.00 


Check out this great video


Check out this great video

Okins Kitchen

Complete kitchen remodel 

Walters Condo Remodel

Removal of popcorn ceiling and repair all drywall and paint Doors,trim, walls and ceilings. Replace tub, sinks, cabinets, tile and flooring.